Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Announcing: Robert Rodi Essentials

In 1992 my first novel was published. Fag Hag told the story of a big, flamboyant girl with a big, obsessive crush on a handsome gay artist—and of the increasingly dangerous, even criminal lengths to which she went to maintain her stranglehold over him. It was an immediate cult sensation and made my reputation as a satirist of modern gay life. Over the ensuing years I became something of a cottage industry, turning out novels that mocked the manners and mores of familiar gay character types, with a few forays into other subcultures equally ripe for a good old-fashioned slash-and-burn.

But times change; with the increasing presence of gay characters and themes in mass media, the gay literary genre began to wane; as did fiction itself, in the wake of greater competition and economic unpheaval. I turned my attention to nonfiction, and have not—until recently—looked back.

Now, excited about the possibilities that digital publishing offers novelists, I’ve jumped back into the game, self-publishing my eighth novel, The Sugarman Bootlegs, as an e-book (see the April 21 post, below). That experience has been a sufficiently happy one to inspire me to resurrect my early novels for new digital life as well.

This month, Fag Hag returns as the initial e-volume in a series I’ve brazenly chosen to call Robert Rodi Essentials. Additional entries will be published roughly every two months, until my entire ‘90s output (and a few post-millennial chasers) is once again available.

For right now, you can download Fag Hag for Kindle or Nook at the are-you-serious? price of just $2.99, and be reading it thirty seconds after you’ve finished this blog post. Ain’t technology a pip?