Sunday, December 2, 2018

Announcing My New Graphic Novel, MERRY MEN

About ten years ago, I read an article by a medievalist whose name I now wish I could remember, which speculated that the inspiration for the Robin Hood legend was actually a sexual outlaw—someone who lived in the wilds, apart from society, because he was what we now call gay. I thought, “Well, THAT would be an interesting take on the story.” Then I thought about it some more. Then I sat down and wrote it. 

On December 4, it finally arrives—a complete graphic novel, illustrated by the amazing Jackie Lewis. The book also features my five-part text series, “A Queer History of England,” profiling figures from across the island nation’s medieval history who demonstrate that it was a whooole lot more diverse than your seventh-grade teacher ever let on. 

“This is a perfect 21st century take that works as both a slash fiction romp and an appropriate allegory for the legislative and religious battles the LGBTQ community faces today.” – Mental Floss

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